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Other Squirrel Dogs Available besides the ones listed here!
Call or Text Kevin Spencer's Cell phone for more information: (419) 689-9635.
As you can see we train year round, hot or cold, leaves or no leaves. My trainers and I work hard to keep dogs fit and ready year round.
SHADOW - DOB 10/31/12 OMCBA Registered Original female Mountain Cur combo squirrel dog and coon dog. She also trees coon at night. Hard tree dog. Hunts out 100-175 yds. Will show in woods or give 7 day trial. $2,000 Cash or credit card. DAISY - DOB 2/12/14 Started female mountain cur combo squirrel and coon dog. Loves to tree. Hunts out 125 yds. Will show in woods or give 7 day trial. My trainers and I have worked her hard getting her ready for season. $1,000 Cash or credit card. SWAGGER - DOB 4/4/14 BMC Black Mouth Cur. Started on squirrel and treed a coon at night with another dog. Big mouth. Ambitious hunter hunts fast but doesn't go much over 100 yds. $700 Cash or credit card. Well worth it.
Bella - DOB 6/14/13 female OMCBA registered Original Mountain Cur lightly started squirrel dog. She has started treeing by site mostly but is using nose some. Bella has not been hunted a lot but loves to. Needs lots of woods time especially after leaves. This should be her year since she loves to hunt. $450 cash or credit card. Rocket - Attn: Alabama!!!!!ROCKET is an NKC finished female feist that does it all. DOB 8/15/08 She uses her eyes ears and nose. Tops them out beautifully. She is in Brewton Alabama. I bought her from my friend who is keeping her until she sells. Trees constantly one after another if squirrels are moving. She gets a little fat in the summer because the owner hunts her limited while snakes are out. Will show in woods or give 7 day trial. $2500 cash or credit card. Jill - DOB 5/12/12 OMCBA registered finished female squirrel dog. Original Mountain Cur. A direct daughter out of Burlap. Uses all her scenses to locate squirrel or daytime coon. Great nose. Took her one time at nite she hunted good and helped tree with another dog. She may tree coons great at nite but hasnt been nite hunted much to give her the chance. $2500. A dream to hunt with. Stays treed. Will show in woods or give 7 day trial.
UPDATED 09-02-15
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