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Other Squirrel Dogs Available besides the ones listed here!
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Bart (Male) is an NKC Registered Mountain Feist: DOB: 04/26/2012. Great breeding and has started on squirrel, has tree'd several, but does not bark enough. I've been working on him weekly, and he is getting better, but not correct yet. Hunts out 100-150yds, then checks back in. / $800 Timmy (Male) is an NKC Registered Mountain Feist: DOB: 10/07/2009. Heavy Oakhill Rowdy / Cadillac Jack / Crusz's Target / Pistol Pete / Oakhill Peanut. Finished squirrel dog, absolutely loves a squirrel. / $2,500 TRACKER (Male) is a Mountain Cur; DOB 11/4/12. Lightly started trees cats and yard easy squirrels just doesn't bark much. Needs hunted and finished. Friendly dog. / $600
PEANUT (Female) OMCBA registered Cur; DOB 7/13/11 Has treed a few squirrels but hasn't been hunted alot. Hunts well and trees with other dogs. / $500 REDBOB (Male) DOB 1/8/11; Mountain cur Open on coon open some on squirrel if hot. Trees nice steady chop sits at bottom of tree and barks up. Hunts 150 yds and will hunt with other dogs. / $2,400
UPDATED 02-20-2014
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