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Other Squirrel Dogs Available besides the ones listed here!
Call or Text Kevin Spencer's Cell phone for more information: (419) 689-9635.
BRANDIE is a dog I had no plans to sell but just found out she has a hip problem. Vet says it's hereditary but not hip displacia. She will be fine to hunt he said but not for breeding. I had plans to do both because her sire who sad to say just died is Jamming Bo a 7 time world champion. One of his last pups. Her value was $1000+ until this. Now $400. She is not trained but should do well with this breeding. Jamming Bo/Let R Rip/Franklins Thundersport Cain. NKC Registered. Cell 419-689-9635 / $400 cash or credit card. STERLING is a Mountain Feist DOB 8/8/13. NKC Registered. Barks heavy on caged squirrel and hunts out good. Not trained but definitely shows interest. Only $350 / cash or credit card.
UPDATED 07-20-2014
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