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Other Squirrel Dogs Available besides the ones listed here!
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CURLY - WORLD CHAMPION BRED: 1 male MOUNTAIN CUR/ENGLISH HOUND mix. DOB 4/26/14 Sire World Champion Super Black Eagle Mountain Cur. Dam English Hound combo squirrel and coon. Both TOP tree dogs. This dog should be trainable on both squirrel and coon. / $350 JONAH - DOB 1/10/14 OMCBA Registered male brindle mountain cur. Heavy Busher bred. Ready to train for this season. $450 Barks good at caged coon or squirrel. BELL - DOB 4/20/13 NKC & STEPHENS Registered female cur.Heavy started on squirrel. Not coon. Loves to hunt wide up to 125 yds. Checks trees a lot. Medium mouth. Silent on trail. Uses eyes and nose to locate. Has treed several the last few days now that squirrels are moving. Will show in woods. $1500 cash or credit card.
UPDATED 08-27-2014
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