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As you can see we train year round, hot or cold, leaves or no leaves. My trainers and I work hard to keep dogs fit and ready year round.
Wally - OMCBA Registered Original Mountain Cur male squirrel dog. DOB 4/3/14 Uses nose and eyes. Has treed 4 daytime coons too. Big mouth. Stays treed. Loves a gun. Friendly and handles well. Will show in woods. Breeding Atom Bomb/Burlap/Jody Girl/Mt. Shock. $1800 cash or credit card. CLICK HERE FOR PEDS. Hatchet - OMCBA Registered Original Mountain Cur male squirrel dog started mainly by sight. Has treed several squirrels by himself. Stays treed if he can see it. Stays near the tree if he can't. Hunts 50-125 yds. Friendly with kids and other dogs. $850 cash or credit card. Ginger - Finished female mountain feist squirrel dog. DOB 12/3/13 Uses her eyes & ears mostly but uses nose some. Trees a lot of squirrels! Hunts 75-150 yds. Handles great. An ideal little squirrel dog! Will show in woods. $2000 cash or credit card.
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