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NKC / UKC / Atomic / Cadillac Jack / Joe Black /
Coal Train /
Reynolds / Combs Bouncy /

Buckley / Oak Hill Rowdy / Pistol Pete /

Kruz's Target / Cool Whip / Suped Up Super Sport

Mountain Feists are also used for Coon.


OMCBA / WTDA / UKC / Jukebox / Thunder /

HOF Thundersport / Hummer / 20-20 Tank /

Mt. Jackson / Streak  / Geronimo / Apache / Stretch / Sniper / Nickleson/ Oklahoma Mohawk-Hawk / Hardwood Georgetta / Treeing Tennessee Brindles

Mountain Curs are also used for Coon,
Bear, Ferrel Hogs, Mountain Lion, Bobcat,

Coyote (decoy) & Watchdogs

Welcome to Squirrel Dog Dynasty!

Setting a high standard with top quality Squirrel Dogs from Ashland, Ohio...


Where we teach our kids & dogs to not lie!! tm

Dogs for Sale
Pups for Sale

Dogs are priced as follows: STARTED DOGS, from $400 up to $1,500 each / FINISHED DOGS, from $1,000 up to $5,000 each

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We DO NOT currently have puppies!

Puppies are usually priced from

$200 - $400.

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I had my first squirrel dog, a mountain feist when I was 15. I'm now 57 and absolutely love the sport more everyday. I enjoy hunting with my family and friends, using my finished and started dogs. We often bag a few or even a lot of squirrels. As time goes on, I realize the enjoyment in training these pups to started or finished dogs. Therefore I sell pups, started dogs and finished dogs, some who tree coons also. I love it!

Kevin Spencer



Kevin Spencer's 

1410 County Road 1356
Ashland, Ohio 44805

Call or Text (419) 689-9635

24/7 always open

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email > squirreldogdynasty@gmail.com

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